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22-04-2017    Doctors in the Cloud: What New Medicine Will Look Like

How long ago have you been in the outpatient clinic? I have been there recently. No, I'm not getting sick often, it's just that if the body gives any hint that something is not okay, I prefer to check the simplest and most important indicators of my health. And, yes, sometimes it takes me to the clinic.
The Temple of Queues
Get through the registry, take a ticket, come, sit the queue, get a consultation, take tests, sign up again, and so on ... Many of my friends and acquaintances prefer to undergo this fancy path as rarely as possible. And I understand them: in most cases the result of a doctor's visit, if not absent, is at least not obvious. Most visits are a waste of time. But, at some point, it may be found that a person has a cancer or some other disease. And it's important not to miss this moment.

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